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The other day a person made a rather obnoxious comment that as soon as I heard it, I went to myself: “That’s what someone might have said to Carensa in the particular situation I am outlining in her story right now.” At first opportunity, I jotted down the comment and sketched up a scenario for … Read More

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Train hiking and journaling

Louis XVI is said to have written “Rien” (nothing) in his journal on the day the Bastille fell. Since he was the King, maybe he should have included more than just what happened in his little corner of the Palace of Versailles. But for all we know, it may have been a nothing day to … Read More

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Inspiration re-revisited

In the course of writing a story, it’s not necessarily clear where every part of the story line is going to go. In the case of this book, that frequently includes the introduction of new characters or drawing on new sources of inspiration. Today that means adding a few names to the list (part 1 … Read More

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