Summer of '76

Inspiration re-revisited

In the course of writing a story, it’s not necessarily clear where every part of the story line is going to go. In the case of this book, that frequently includes the introduction of new characters or drawing on new sources of inspiration.

Today that means adding a few names to the list (part 1 and part 2) of people to whom I am indebted because they provided inspiration for some part of the story. So here’s to Elizabeth “Bettan”, Lennart Wihlborg, Anita Hoovs and Mette Hagelsø. May life have been kind to you since our paths crossed. You left behind inspiration that helped form aspects of this story.

Of course, the book is still being written, so who knows who or what else will land in there. That is, I think I do, as the roadmap for the book is getting more firmly laid down. But nothing is set in stone until the last word is written.

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