Summer of '76

30 seconds: making a new friend

She approaches the group at the table in the Youth Hostel

I arrived at Youth Hostel Ernst Reuter in Berlin in early evening on a day in August, 1975. Checked in, got something to eat and pretty soon was sitting at a table chatting with several Germans (none of whom were from Berlin) about the city. People came and went around us, more or less unnoticed. … Read More

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The other day a person made a rather obnoxious comment that as soon as I heard it, I went to myself: “That’s what someone might have said to Carensa in the particular situation I am outlining in her story right now.” At first opportunity, I jotted down the comment and sketched up a scenario for … Read More

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The train car

What exactly was a long distance train like in the 1970s? Each country in Europe had a national railroad (and possibly some private railroads as well). It was typically the national railroad that ran the long-distance trains and any international traffic. Most train cars used in long distance service were similar in layout: At the … Read More

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Claes Jonasson Claes Jonasson in 1975

Claes in Europe in 1975

Carensa Holt - a coming of age story