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Train hiking and journaling

Louis XVI is said to have written “Rien” (nothing) in his journal on the day the Bastille fell. Since he was the King, maybe he should have included more than just what happened in his little corner of the Palace of Versailles. But for all we know, it may have been a nothing day to … Read More

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On a mountain top outside Narvik, Norway

Turns out that in the story, Carensa makes it to Narvik, far up there in the Land of the Midnight Sun, with fjords and mountains. Some important things happen there and developing that segment has taken a while. She finds herself in a situation that could have several outcomes, including bodily harm … Most Americans … Read More

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Closeup of words and word count on a manuscript page

Words that is. In the script so far. With most of the manuscript fairly well fleshed out by now (though a few holes still exist and need to be filled), I decided to run a word count. The book is currently divided into 24 segments that correspond to logical portions of Carensa’s travel calendar (rather … Read More

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