Summer of '76

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The Jet Age

Pan Am 707 at Idlewild Airport 1961

ABC’s new series Pan Am doesn’t at first appear to have much in common with train hikers and other young people making it to Europe on a dime in the ’70s. Yet, one reason many of them got inspired to travel was growing up with the Jet Age in the ’60s. When the sleek, gleaming … Read More

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Train hiking and journaling

Louis XVI is said to have written “Rien” (nothing) in his journal on the day the Bastille fell. Since he was the King, maybe he should have included more than just what happened in his little corner of the Palace of Versailles. But for all we know, it may have been a nothing day to … Read More

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The Youth Hostel experience

In the book, Carensa stays mostly in Youth Hostels which she finds through her trusty little guide to hostels in Europe. They were (and are) a great alternative for budget travelers. Almost every city in Europe has one. Depending on the country, there may be an upper age limit (they are for young people after … Read More

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