Summer of '76

On a mountain top outside Narvik, Norway

Turns out that in the story, Carensa makes it to Narvik, far up there in the Land of the Midnight Sun, with fjords and mountains. Some important things happen there and developing that segment has taken a while. She finds herself in a situation that could have several outcomes, including bodily harm …

Most Americans traveling in Europe didn’t make it that far north. Even going as far north as Stockholm was stretching it. But some brave souls did venture on and Carensa is one of them.

Like many places, Narvik has changed a lot since 1976, so when I started researching locations, I wasn’t all that hopeful. Then it turned out that the Youth Hostel there back then was in a really interesting old building with a great view of the fjord. I couldn’t have made that one up any better. And I found the perfect mountain spot for her to visit as well. These days, residential areas are climbing up the mountain, but back then it would have been the wilderness right outside the city, with a grand view of the Narvik harbor and the fjord beyond.

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