Summer of '76

Backpacker in her own country

In the ’70s, there were at any given time thousands of backpackers who traveled the European rails. I did it, many of my friends did it. Over the years since, many things have changed, but there are still many, many people who hop trains to get around Europe to discover a new world around the corner. Most of them do so outside their home country.

Art student Corinna von der Gröben decided to be a little different. Last September, she purchased a ticket that gives her free travel on all trains in her native Germany for a year, ditched her apartment, grabbed her backpack and hit the rails. Her plan is to do this for a year, to help her in her art studies by being able to connect with art events and artists all over the country, but also to get to know her own country and build friendships in the places she visits.

During her travel she writes and photographs, so there may well be a book coming at some point.

Her story is featured in Zeit Online (story in German).

I wish her all the best in her travels and that she will come away from the year a lot richer in experience and friendships.

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