Summer of '76

Writer’s block and some progress

OK, so it’s been a while since the last post. Due to things outside of Carensa’s control, writing has been mostly on hold lately. I have a couple major scenes that are largely mapped out, but writing them has proven a bit more challenging than anticipated. Both scenes involve Carensa interacting with others who hold diametrically opposed views to where she is gradually landing and the trick will be to capture slice-of-life dialog that doesn’t come across as didactic for either side. I have written a few early drafts and know that out of that confusion, the actual scene will eventually rise up. It’s just going to take a bunch more virtual sheets of paper than I expected.

Even with that writer’s block, I have been able to write a few other key scenes (shorter ones) that introduce characters I hadn’t written about before. These scenes are part of flashbacks in the book and also set the stage for chapters much later on. During that writing, I was also able to find a home for a scene fragment that has existed in written form for a long time — I just never knew where it fit into the overall story development.

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