Summer of '76

If you have to be from somewhere …, take 2

Lancaster County corn harvest

Since I brought up Lancaster County in a previous post, I can’t pass up putting in a plug for a great place to stay while in that part of the world. Flowers & Thyme is a bed and breakfast run by Ruth and Don Harnish, who have to be some of the nicest innkeepers around. Every time my wife and I stay there, it’s like stepping into an oasis and leaving rejuvenated. Just don’t even think of leaving before you get breakfast. Ruth serves up a most delicious way to start the day. Learn more about the B&B on their website at

In the interest of disclosure, I don’t get anything for mentioning Ruth and Don here. I didn’t even ask them before writing this. I just like their friendly hospitality and think you might too, when (not “if” but “when”) your path goes through Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

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